In the roles of psychotherapist, educator, and consultant, for more than thirty-two years I have had the privilege of assisting people to achieve greater ease and wellbeing in their lives.  As a psychotherapist, I have worked in a variety of settings including the nationally acclaimed Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center, an oncology unit, a shelter for runaway teens, a community based mental health agency, and private practice.  In collaboration with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, I provided services to victims of violent crimes, most specifically to parents of murdered children.  As a consultant, I have provided critical incidence debriefings for emergency service personnel, medical staff, police, and employees.  Working with a member of Congress, I designed procedures to stream-line services to the elderly, and for the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital at Wadsworth, I designed an adult day care program for senior veterans with memory impairment.  As an educator, I have conducted trainings and workshops for mental health professionals, teachers and law enforcement agencies.  As a speaker and workshop facilitator, I have presented at numerous educational institutions including USC, UCLA, and Stanford, as well as at secondary schools.  As a personal consultant, I have assisted professionals and executives to achieve better work/life balance to more effectively meet the professional and personal demands placed upon them. I have held advisory and leadership positions at educational institutions, community organizations, and non-profits.  Currently, I produce four websites, and offer services as a speaker, workshop facilitator, and personal consultant.


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