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I was born with a large dosage of curiosity, and an equal amount of energy.  Fascinated in particular by our ability to cognate, I have mused over why we were given the ability to perceive, learn, create, self-reflect, and discern.  

College provided a robust platform for deeper inquiry.  I pursued a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Studies with a major in comparative religion and cultures, and a second, individualized major entitled, Human Potential.  A year abroad was especially instructive.  While in Japan, I had the opportunity to live and study in an austere Buddhist commune.  Participating in their daily schedule of spiritual practices and services, it also included a spectacularly enriching opportunity to care for residents of a leprosy colony. 

Upon graduation, I volunteered in Central America.  After being shot at and kidnapped on two separate occasions, I returned to Los Angeles and pursued graduate studies.  In 1985, I received a master’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in gerontology, and began working as a psychotherapist.

In my personal time, I enjoy outdoor sports, gardening, sculpting, writing, travel, volunteering, entertaining, studying philosophy and world religions, and spiritual practices. 


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