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An ingredient for a fulfilling life, is service to others.  In the role of a volunteer, I have been very fortunate to participate in many non-profit, civic, educational, and general relief programs.  Among these experiences are:

  1. Community support programs - Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, Milwaukee, Australia, and India.

  2. Eyeglass clinics - Honduras.

  3. Caring for people with Hansen’s Disease (leprosy) - Japan.

  4. Curriculum, Policy and Review Committee - School of Social Work, University of Southern California.

  5. University Dean’s Committee on Student Life, Raymond-Callison College, University of the Pacific.

  6. President of Student Council - Raymond-Callison College, University of the Pacific.

  7. Student Advisor to College Dean - Raymond-Callison College, University of the Pacific.

  8. Student-Faculty Council, Raymond-Callison College, University of the Pacific.

  9. University Senate, University of the Pacific. 

  10. Mayor of Los Angeles’ Council on Youth Social Concerns.

  11. Chatsworth Community Coordinating Council.



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Personal Responsibility & Service to Others


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